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BoneSkulls EP

2013-03-14 16:57:25 by Iceyninja

Soo, Uh, all those shitty morbid recordings that I posted individually on here (Dead Babies (Everywhere), Abortion Juice, Orphan Pies, Skinnin' Midgets, Legalize It) we put together into a little EP thing called "A Morbid Trip Thru Hap-penis" by BoneSkulls.


So yeah, if you want you can listen to it all perpetually or download it as a whole or whatever you want.

BoneSkulls EP


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2013-03-14 18:08:34

You need a new singer.
Also change the equalizers so that you either down out the singer completely or so that the singer can be heard above the backing.

Iceyninja responds:

Well, the entire things itself are all improv recorded on a single track, there was no multi tracking nor was it planned, we just kinda did it.


2013-03-28 23:48:24

shit ma n I don't know why I haven't checked what you've been up to lately this is good

Iceyninja responds:

thank you sir


2013-05-04 14:27:40

I have no problem with the volume levels I think it is well recorded and it sounds good I'm still listening to it
one problem is that the songs are a bit samish but the lyrics are good and I love the ukulele or whatever it is you have going